Sunday, 8 May 2011


"Paul Arden, The Legend lives on in the fifth show of unconventional photography and fine art by young photographers and designers at the Arden & Anstruther Gallery in Petworth. It will be the last show Kingston will exhibit at the gallery before its closure in September 2011. It also coincides with the launch of a book which celebrates Kingston's relationship with Paul Arden and his gallery from 2006-2011 and Paul's influence as a teacher and thinker on the work produced in the five extraordinary shows Kingston has held there, Strong Stuff 2006 Unphotography 2007 Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite 2009 Stolen 2010 and LAST 2011. 'LAST' opens at the Arden & Anstruther Photographic Gallery on 30th April 2011"

"25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester,
Fred & Rose West,
Tortured, raped and murdered at least 12 young 
women & girls, including Fred's step-daughter Charmaine."

"Sterling Gardens, New Cross, South East London,
Nigel Edward Farmer,
Bound, gagged and tortured 2 French students, 
Laurent Bonomo & Gabriel Ferez over several hours 
and stabbed them more than 240 times."

"50 Irvine Drive, Margate,
Peter Tobin,
Raped and murdered Angelika Kluk, Vicky 
Hamilton & Dinah McNicol. Their bodies were 
found buried under the garden patio."

Working with Rosie Ferris, we wanted to show the significance of these ordinary looking houses by contrasting a mundane looking photograph with a shocking caption. We discovered that people currently live in the last two properties and were interested in the sense of normality that is apparent in and around these locations.

Thank you to Toni Arden for all your hard work

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